Daily Prompt 03/03/2016: Longing

“Nothing makes a room feel emptier than wanting someone in it”.

Nothing is more sad than missing someone. A loved one, a friend, a family member, or even a colleague at work. Missing someone means longing for that person’s company, the shared laughter and the sweet and bitter memories you have had with them. I have lots of friends who are now working overseas. Three of my closest friends in college are now in the Middle East. I missed our carefree days, those times when what we only worry were homeworks and periodic exams. I missed our brain storming days during group studies and food tripping in between. Those were raw moments uninterrupted by Facebook notifications and Clash of Clans attacks.

Sometimes, when I see group of young high school students laughing boisterously, I could feel the air of nostalgia. We were once young and nonsense and boisterous. I remember our never ending chit chats about topics with no sense at all. We would talk about what happened to the episode of our favorite Teleseryes, latest MTV videos, our celebrity crushes, and our collections of pictures of our favorite stars. Those were the days when Mr. Zuckerberg has not yet invented Facebook. We borrow each other’s collection of cassette tapes of Britney Spears, Alanis Morisette, and Backstreet Boys. Yes, boy bands were in in the 90s. I missed our sleepovers with our favorite chichiryas (junk chips) while watching Casper: The Friendly Ghost over and over again. Things were simple and uncomplicated, we did not take so much selfies, yet we were happy and contented.

I missed real conversations and meaningful bonding with friends. It’s true, technology took us to greater heights. Communications is easier and more convenient thru cellular phones, Skype and Facebook/Messenger. But what I’m longing is the face to face real time interactions. I did not lose connection with my old friends. I can see them in my Facebook timeline every once in a while, we chat, we talk over the phone, we exchange greeting stickers in Messenger during Christmas and birthdays. But nothing beats the actual and real celebration of friendship. Nothing is comparable to the real connection we once had sans technology. I missed the warm hugs of a friend and the actual shoulders to cry on.

With the advancement of our society in terms of technology and standards of living, people are so busy keeping up with these developments, that we sometimes tend to forget to engage in real conversations. We forget the true meaning of connectivity. It’s so sad to think that even those who are near to us are losing the time to connect with us.

I’m longing for those moments when everything was genuine, innocent, pure fun. If only I could turn back time. I wish I could. Sigh!


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