I Will Survive


Daily Prompt 2/28/16: Five Items

A classic question, revisited: what are the five items you must have on a deserted island?

I couldn’t imagine myself being stranded on an island far away from civilization with no one to talk to, uncomfortable shelter, with nothing to eat. I could imagine a not-so-sane self talking to a certain “Wilson” as the days go by. Remember Tom Hanks in the movie Cast Away?

I ain’t no Doomsday Prepper, but if worse comes to worst, I would bring with me the following:

  1. Swiss knife (a legendary Victorinox would be great)
  2. Flannel blanket
  3. Lighter
  4. Cooking pot
  5. Solar rechargeable flashlight

One of five is a Swiss knife that comes with different sorts of cutting and slicing blades. This would help me in my quest for food like hunting for animals in the island. I could use a knife to open a coconut fruit which would keep me hydrated and keep my sugar level balanced (read hypoglycemia). I could also use it in sharping edges of branches to be used as weapon in fighting predators.

Two of five is a flannel blanket. Being in an open island with only leaves of trees as roof could be extremely cold and hypothermia is the least thing you would like to experience. A blanket would keep we warm and comfortable in the night.

Three of five is a lighter. Seriously, I don’t know how to start a fire. I failed that challenge during Girl Scout camping days where we were challenged to start a fire by scratching two pieces of stones together. I am basically lame. Well, having a fire is so important in cooking food and bringing water to boil for drinking. Who would want to suffer diarrhea and dehydration in a deserted island?

Four of five is a cooking pot. I would love to treat myself a hot pot of soup so I can stay calm and can think clearly. I would catch fish in the ocean or hunt for rabbits and make a hot stew. Food is very important, you know. I’ll make sure I wont starve to death.

Lastly, I would love to have a solar rechargeable flash light. Surely it would be be scary to stay alone at night in an inhabited island. It could also be used to make signals for my rescue. A solar powered one is a smart choice since it is renewable.

I am a huge fan of Survivor reality TV series. Some of the contestants experience emotional and mental breakdown due to homesickness, physical challenges brought about by scarcity of resources, hunger, and unfamiliarity of the harsh environment. Being stranded on a deserted island is the worst thing that could happen to a person. Surviving would be severely difficult I guess. If the universe will connive and put me in an inhabited island with having no one to talk to and being away from my family and friends, I’ll go crazy, literally and figuratively. And I will surely miss my poor little Raffy. Sniff!


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