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Daily Prompt 2/24/16: Pat on the Back

I am surrounded with the best people one could ever ask for – my family, friends, and work colleagues. They all deserve a pat in the back and I’m just being so proud of who they are or what they have become. For instance, my sister deserves a shout out for becoming a Branch Manager and continuously hitting the monthly targets together with her team. She has become a good strategist and team player/leader. Also, my older sister who is a stay-at-home mom doing mommyhood duties 24/7. I will never ever forget to mention my man who never gives up no matter how hard the hurdles are on our way just to give us a decent life.

Above all, I am dedicating this post to the most amazing, strong, and loving woman on earth – my mom. Words are not enough to express how proud I am of my mother. She is my confidant and bestfriend when I need a shoulder to cry on. She is always ready to listen to my rants and problems and in turn offers me the best kind of advises, as mother knows best. My mom doesn’t have any degree because attaining a higher education was not a trend in the old times especially when you are situated in remote parts of a third world country like Philippines. They live simply through farming. Being the eldest of her siblings, she assumed motherly responsibilities while her parents were working in the farm. But despite all that, she excelled in some other areas of life. She became both our Mom and Dad when our father passed away. We’ve earned our diplomas because of her sacrifices.

Having a mom like her is a blessing. She helped my Dad in our small family business and at the same time do the household chores on her own sans any help of a house help. She was our first teacher. She taught us not just the basic alphabet and numbers, but most especially the values and manners that brought us where we are now. She has sacrificed a lot during those years when my father was battling with cancer. She worked hard in order to keep the family fed and paid hospital expenses like chemotherapy and rehabilitation. She endured all the pain and sacrifices because she don’t want us to see her fall. She kept mum about all the pains and hid her tears, yet we knew it was not easy. I could not fathom where she got the courage, strength, and power to keep moving. I wish I could do the same.

She’s my unsung hero.

My mom never changed. Her love, undying. She understands and handles my frustrations. She was stricter than my Dad but now I understand why.  Some things are clearer now that I become a mom, too. She didn’t want to see us hurt or crying. She would swear to punch the boys who would break our hearts (we are tres marias). She is my security blanket, always ready to calm me down in my desperate moments. I could always feel her enthusiasm whenever I achieve something no matter how small it is. I’ve found in her my cheerleader. If there’s someone who is more proud of my achievements? That would be my mom. She is awesome and she thinks I am, too. Nothing makes me feel more special than her.

If there’s an Academy Awards for the Best Mom in the World, then I’m giving the Oscars to my Mother!

Cheers! FB_IMG_1456902619566                                                          Me and Mom watching a 3D movie


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