Secret Recipe

Daily Prompt 3/2/2016: Secret

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.

Disclaimer: The following is plainly an opinion based on my taste buds. I didn’t get any penny from either of the following fast food giants. Lol!

Here in the Philippines, Mcdonalds greatest rival is Jollibee. When it comes to French fries, I prefer the former. I love the crisp of Mcdonalds’ freshly cooked fries other than Jollibee’s. I know I am not alone. I remembered a friend who used to work as a store manager at one of Jollibee’s branches. Shh, it’s just our secret, but she even confessed that  Mcdo’s fries is better that their’s. That she loved Mcdo’s fries than Jolibee’s. How bizarre! But honestly, she said that they did a lot to try to copy Mcdonald’s crispy potato fries to no avail.

Now, I wonder what the secret ingredient there is on every strips of Mcdonald’s French fries that I love most? I know this is a non-sense question, but seriously, I am just curious. I’ve read a lot of controversial stories that Mcdonald’s French fries are not even made of real potatoes. Now, that’s scary. Anyway, good thing I’ve found a series of video from a former Mythbusters star aiming to debunk the rumors saying that Mcdonald’s fries are Franken fries made of chemicals. The fry tour allows you to see how the world’s famous French fries are manufactured. From there, you can see tons of potatoes being loaded to a conveyor ready to be processed. I know lots of you have seen it too. Good to know that they are really made of “potatoes”. Here’s the video in case you’d like to watch.

As revealed on the video, there are 19 ingredients in order to make the world’s favorite fries. One of the ingredients of course is the potato added with 18 more condiments like salt, different kinds of oil (canola, corn, soybean), preservatives in order to prevent the potato fry from graying, and more. The process is complicatedly done in a very large production plant. The potatoes will undergo a step by step procedure before they are finally ready to be fried at our favorite Mcdonalds outlets.

At first glance, both of these fast food chains’ French fries look and taste the same, but when you take a munch of the two different fries, there’s actually a notable difference in taste and crispiness. I’ve actually done a taste test already.

Now back to my silly question, what is really the secret ingredient that makes Mcdo’s fries more appealing and tasty and crispy (at least for me) compared to Jollibee? Well, it’s for Mcdonalds to know and for Jollibee to find out. This secret condiment makes the World’s Famous Fries. A lot of fast food chains have sprouted up since, yet Mcdonalds French fries remained a fan favorite. I believe every company has its own trade secret to keep the ball rolling, to stay on top of the market. In this case, a secret ingredient. A company would really do everything to safeguard its trade secret. It is their business advantage over their competitors or customers. It should be kept in the bunker or else they will lose their mileage. It’s a secret, therefore it must not be known.

Thank you for reading my out-of-this-world take on today’s daily prompt.



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