Daily Prompt 2/23/2016: Toot Your Horn

This feels like my first job interview seven years ago when my employer asked me about my greatest strength.

For me, the best trait I like most about myself is being resilient. I have been through a lot in life, yet I am able to rise up from the ashes anew and alive. I am a phoenix. I don’t let my problems ruin my life, rather I consider them as challenges that measure my inner strength. No matter how bad the storm is, like a bamboo, I would stand again after being bent badly by the strong winds.

I’m proud to be a one tough mama. I endured the long hours of painful enduced labor. I fought the post-operative pain brought about by c-section delivery. No matter how difficult the situation was, I chose to breastfeed my baby. I did not care about painful engorgement and sore nipples, all I thought of was my baby’s nutrition. Yes, I panicked on my first few days of unsuccessful breastfeeding because I notice I had little to no milk, but I persisted. Giving up was never an option. I did not allow stress to overpower my goal.

Resilience isn’t uncommon to Filipinos. In fact, we Filipinos are known to be one. Several times we were blown away by strong typhoons, yet we stood up. We recover. Personally, I am thankful to my parents for teaching us to be resilient. Growing up in the province was not as smooth as silk. My parents were not able to attain higher educational status, but they are able to send us to private school and finish college through our small family business. During college days, I helped in paying my tuition fees by working as part-time office secretary. I was on my final year in college when my father passed away after three years of battling the big C. Everything was grey back then, but I chose to be strong. I did not let depression ate me out. I managed to fake a smile during a play in our literature class. I continued to work and study until I finally earned my diploma.

I am always ready to face life’s challenges and crises. I believe on the power of positivity and resilience because,

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. Philippians 4:13


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