Time Machine


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Daily Prompt: World’s Best Widget

You’ve been granted magical engineering skills, but you can only use them to build one gadget or machine. What do you build?

If I become an inventor with super magical engineering skills, then I would built a…

You’ve guessed it right! Time Machine. Yes, it’s overrated and I think many of the respondents of today’s prompt share the same thought with me. I mean, who wouldn’t want to time travel? How amazing it would be to relive the good times then be able to see what the future holds. Particularly, I want to revisit my childhood days when everything was simple and uncomplicated. When I encounter problems, I sometimes imagine being in my grade school days not worrying about handful of bills to pay, making big decisions, and dealing with societal pressure.

My time machine comes in a size of a smartphone with touch-capacitive screen, which allows you to travel to a specific timeline at the tip of your finger. It enables the user to alter his troubled past, or do something to prevent the loss or sickness of a loved one. I know, this sounds too good to be true and defies the law of the universe and even more complicated moral issues. I’m also quite aware of the principle of ‘moving on’.  But isn’t it great to reunite with your family or friends for even just a short period of time and relive precious moments?

Now, how about a peek into the future? This sounds both exciting and disturbing because I’m sure it would be more complicated than one could ever imagine. There would be unimaginable things you do not want to see nor experience. Life is unfair, so just be prepared to face the future. But on a positive note, the good thing about having a time machine is for the person to be aware of what to avoid and what to take chances in order to devoid the unpleasant aspects of his future self. This, my friends, is a “play safe” life apparatus that everyone is looking for. Life would be far more simple I guess if we have our own “options” to hover over and click, buttons like forward and rewind, and edit and proceed.


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