A Killjoy Weather


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Prompt: Sudden Shifts

You’re at the beach with some friends and/or family, enjoying the sun, nibbling on some watermelon. All of a sudden, within seconds, the weather shifts and hail starts descending from the sky…

It was my second favorite time of the year next to Christmas – summer. Think about walking barefoot on white Isla Reta sand, your favorite pair of Sunnies, teeny weeny bikinis, pretty beach waves (the hairstyle, duh!), and sweet slices of watermelon. Yep, the old fashioned watermelon fruit. Who doesn’t love sweet, juicy watermelons on hot summer days?

My fambam had a planned short vacation sometime in March. In the Philippines, summer time starts in March and ends in May. It was Raffy’s first beach vacation. Can you imagine my excitement? My then one year old child wore her cutest one-piece swimwear, a gift from her Aunt Angel.  The little girl was so happy scooping some sand with her two other cousins, using her plastic, handy shovel from Toy Kingdom. They were trying to make a sand castle, while I was busy taking some decent photos out of my mobile phone, because we left our reliable camera at home. Spell a-m-n-e-s-i-a. Anyway, everything was so perfect. Hubby was enjoying his share of sliced watermelon, when suddenly, the sky turned dark grey, and the kids’ giggles disappeared and were replaced with roaring thunder sound.

The wind blew furiously and Raffy’s favorite beach hat was flown away. The next thing we saw were drops of hail stones as cold as ice. I know, hail is actually a lump of ice, so this is a pointless metaphor. On a serious note, with the sudden surge of adrenaline, we rushed to the kids and covered them with beach towels. We hurried to our villa and there we took refuge. We spent the rest of the day indoor, watching news updates with our cups of coffee, and a game of Snakes and Ladders. The kids fell asleep early, because they were exhausted from playing in the sand the whole time, when the weather was still cooperative.

It seldom rain hail stones in the Philippines, yet the phenomenon is not impossible. Honestly, that event was really frightening and traumatic because it rarely happens in our country. Blame global warming. On a lighter note, a beautiful sunshine welcomed us the next morning. The weather was fair and wasn’t killjoy anymore. We enjoyed every bit of it and the rest of the day was filled with good summer memories to treasure with.

Now back to mommy duties. Thanks for reading!


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