Raising a Bookworm, plus My Bargain and Surplus Book Finds

Studies show that children who are frequently read to as early as on their few months of life have higher IQs compared to those who are not read often. Reading aloud to our children using age-appropriate reading materials is very beneficial to them according to research. Babies/toddlers learn to communicate more easily, they acquire language skills early, become more imaginative, and they easily recognize colors and shapes.

When my little one was still few months old, I used to read to her simple baby books like ‘My First’ books (words, colors, shapes etc.), story books that come with fun finger puppet animals made out of felt cloth, squeaky books, and pop up books. I remember the excitement of my child every time I or her Dad read to her.

My little daughter is now two years and a month old, and the reading activities continue. I become more enthusiastic because she’s now able to recognize  a lot of things in the books, like animals (and their sounds), common stuff that can be found in the house, cartoon characters, things in our surroundings, and more. She’s starting to familiarize also the basic shapes and colors. And she become more participative during our reading sessions. I don’t push her too much to memorize every letter of the alphabet or the numbers one through twenty perhaps, because I found it unhealthy for my tot. I just let her explore her world her own way, but of course, with our guidance and support.


Every time I go to malls, I frequently check bookstores for bargain items. One time, I found books at National bookstore which were up to 70% off. One of my good buys is an Eric Carle book, Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See?. Eric Carle is an acclaimed children’s book author, known for his brilliantly illustrated and innovatively designed picture books. His books are quite expensive, but I was able to get the tiny book at P100 from its original price of P885.


Another book I got on sale is the Happy Birthday, Mouse! by Laura Numeroff. She’s also a known author and illustrator of bestselling books for children. The book is originally priced at P199.75, but I got it for only P50.
One time, I went to American surplus  shop to score branded toys. I came across their book section and got these Disney Princesses and Dora the Explorer Busy Books. The tiny figurines are missing though,  but the pages are still intact and look fun, so I grabbed both. I can see Raffy’s gleeful face whenever she switches its colorful pages. Paying P10 each didn’t hurt at all.
I believe on the importance of early reading intervention, so as early as now, I make sure to include reading to her in our daily activities. I know she could benefit from it in the future. I’m dreaming of putting up a small library at home soon. According to studies, once they are accustomed to reading at very young age, reading would become a pleasure to them instead of a chore. Since doing it often helps in enhancing ones comprehension, logic, and creative imagination, raising Raffy to become a future bookworm is one of the keys in preparing her to become successful in the future.

Enjoy reading!



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