Go for Organic

A baby’s skin is ten times sensitive than adult’s. They are susceptible to allergic reactions especially when you give them skin care products with harsh chemical ingredients. There are also products in the market which we think are good for our babies, and yet, contain hidden strong ingredients that are harmful for our babies’ delicate skin.

Being a new mom, I am so pessimistic with baby products. I would read tons of reviews before trying or buying a baby gear or a bottle of shampoo. I am just so plain paranoid. I also tried to read blogs about baby products, motherhood, developmental milestones, just to prepare myself for the big arrival. I’ve read somewhere that parenting or motherhood is a bit different from the paper and the actual thing. Well, it is so true. Every mother and every baby has a different story. We have different style of pacifying a crying baby, and the way we bathe our little one somehow differs. Our product choices also varies because one baby is allergic to a certain product while the other is not.

We mommies, only want the best for our babies. As for my little one, I prefer organic products. Good thing I have found Human Nature. This local Filipino company produces organic skin care products for both mommy and baby to enjoy. They also advocate sustainable community building thru Gawad Kalinga. Part of the profit goes to community projects like housing projects for the victims of calamities. Human Nature is really true to their slogan; pro-poor, pro-Philippines, pro-nature. Go check https://humanheartnature.com for more interesting info.

For my Raffy, I use the Human Nature natural baby skin care product line. Natural baby wash, baby lotion, and baby wonder oil.


The Human Nature natural baby wash is 99.3% natural and hypoallergenic. It is 100% safe and gentle for our baby’s delicate skin. I also use this to wash my baby’s hair. It is mildly scented with lavender, rosemary, and chamomile extracts. My baby’s skin is so soft, smooth and smells oh, so good! I really love this product because aside from being organic, it is also very affordable. A bottle of 190ml is only 149.75.


It is important to protect our baby’s sensitive skin from exposure to harmful and harsh environmental conditions. So after bath time, I keep Raffy’s skin moisturized and nourished using Human Nature natural baby lotion. It has 100% natural ingredients like avocado oil, sunflower oil, and aloe vera, that keeps my baby’s skin soft and supple. Same with the baby wash, 190ml bottle is only P149.75 only.

Since baby’s skin is ten times more sensitive than adult’s, it is just so vital to protect and nurture our little one’s delicate skin. One thing I do to maintain Raffy’s healthy skin is to massage her using Human Nature’s natural wonder oil. It has chemical-free ingredients that keeps my baby’s skin protected from itchiness and boo-boos. It contains non-mineral oils like pure, premium-grade Sunflower oil, so I have peace of mind everytime I use this product. It is also dermatologists tested, so no worries. I just enjoy the special bond between me and baby every time I massage her skin with Human Nature wonder baby oil. There are evidence-based studies that touch therapy is beneficial to our infants and children. It is a form of bonding and communication that surely makes both mommy and baby happy. SRP for the Human Nature natural wonder oil is P149.75 every 190ml bottle.

Human Nature also has a line of organic body and facial care products for adults that I also love and enjoy using. I’ll be writing about them in my next posts.



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