Raffy Stole My Heart

From the time I conceived our daughter, I have been thinking this whole blogging thing about motherhood. But my journey to being a mom was not an easy breezy since I had to balance work and taking care of the little miracle inside my belly. I remembered taking a complete bed rest plus medications somewhere in my first trimester of conception because of a bleeding episode. I admit, I was too lazy to write then and I just couldn’t find the perfect timing. Well, enough with that part. Why won’t you just allow me to do a rewind?

The moment Raffy came to this world, she instantly stole my heart and everyone else’s. One great year of memories made, lessons learned, challenges faced, and a whole bunch of poop and wee wee stories. So pretty please, let me share to you the wondrous things I’ve learned and about to learn as a rookie mom and as Raffy continues to steal my/our hearts.

From time to time, I will be posting some motherhood stories I have had experienced, survival tricks, parenting 101s, thingamabobs of a supermom, and anything under the sun.

It would be fun if you’ll share your thoughts and stories too.

Going on, I just want to share to you some of the photos of our precious one. Raffy, Rafaelle’s the real name is a day old here weighing 7lbs 13oz. She was born on December 18, 2013 via Cesarean Section due to my not-so-rare condition which is CPD or Cephalo Pelvic Disproportion, which simply means that my baby was too large to fit through my pelvis hence, normal vaginal delivery was literally impossible.


Raffy here is around 6 months old. She is an active and playful baby. Her first plush toy is Tigger and remains her favorite until now. She loves playing with our mobile phones and she would keep on uttering words as if she is talking to someone on the other line.

Rafaelle is now on her 15th month. She can now say a lot of words, loves music and dancing a lot, and can now walk alone unassisted. She’s turning into an adorable, smart tot everyday, and she never fails to amaze us every time.

I will show you more of her on my next posts. That’s all for now.

See yah!